** Studio Closed due to Covid.

Pop Up Studios will be available again TBD.

Please contact for info.

Welcome to Willow Photography Studio

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Historical Downtown Schenectady 

435 Liberty Street Schenectady NY 12305

Willow Photography Studio welcomes Photographers!

Need a Studio but don't have the space? 

Willow Photography Studio is being created to support Photographers who need Studio space.  We all know the challenge of trying to plan a shoot with the variable weather in Upstate NY.

Many Photographers do not have their own Studio or do not want to risk inviting strangers into their home to have a Studio in their house. This was an important concern for me. Or maybe you just don't have the room for one. 

My solution: I am creating a Studio space that can be rented to other Photographers!   Exciting, I know! :)   There will be multiple options available to assist your needs! 

Option 1 - Rent a blank Studio space                                                                       

Do you want to plan a day full of minis and you already have your setup designed (backdrops and props etc.) and just need a place to hold them? Do you have Senior Portraits lined up and do not want to deal with the wind outside? This option is ideal for you. You can bring your setup in and utilize this space. 

Option 2 - Rent a stocked Studio space                                                                                         

Do you like the idea of having access to different backdrops and props to mix and match and use for your shoot? This option allows you to do that without making the investment and having to purchase all of these options yourself. The inventory is always growing! 

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